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valval: she's in love with the world.

18 May 1983
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Val Hochberg
otherwise known as the infamous valval.

i'm the comic artist/writer of the graphic novel KICK GIRL. :D
i'm also an employee of Epic Digital Media.

and my bestest friend in the whole wide world,
is the one and only anndor! ♥

went to RIT for four years to get my BFA in New Media Design.
RIT = smartgeekytechystinkymancollege.

i draw cartoons. thats pretty much all i can do.... boo. :C

i'm short and sweet. and even though i'm geeky as crap, cool people still wanna be my frieeeeends.
dont worry, i don't understand it either. <3
i frigg'n LOVE fighting games... like Capcom vs SNK or Smash Brothers Melee. i challenge you. i look forward to crushing you. >:D
right now i'm playing DDO and Dragon Age (*gurgle*~♥)
i love star wars and drawing gay cutesy arts of it.
i love the manga Gravitation, Death Note, and Ouran Host Club.
i love final fantasy 8, even though no one else does.
i love lots of things.


ART JOURNAL: kickgirl

Deviant Art gallery

read my graphic novel online!

Selphie x Seifer <3

i'm a friendly person. feel free to add me. you don't have to ask permission. i'm a nice lady. ♥
adult swim, all kinds of shit, anime, anna, annoying eric, art, ayn rand, battle royale, bell-bottoms, bowling, buttlord gt, buu, cartoons, chocolate milk, city of heroes, city of villains, clefairy, comicon, comics, cute boys, cute things, darkbolt, darth vader, death note, deviantart, dinosaurs, disney, doctor who, doodling, doug tennapel, doujinshi, dragon age, dragonball z, drawing, earth, evil robots, evolution, fake smiles, fallout 3, family guy, ff8, final fantasy, firefly, flcl, freak gasoline fight accidents, futurama, gaara, gargoyles, goggles, going to the movies, gravitation, green, heraldry, instant ramen, iori, jay and silent bob, jeans, jurassic park, karate, ketchup, kick girl, kickboxing, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, kira, klogg, kof, laughing, livejournal, lol, love, luke skywalker, manga, manga studio, mashed potatoes, men, metal gear solid, mindless self indulgence, monkeys, movies, music, my ex-boyfriends, mystery babylon, naruto, neverhood, nightcrawler, nintendo ds, orion, orochimaru, ouran host club, peanut butter, pietro maximoff, pink, pokemon, poop, poptarts, potatoes, quicksilver, raiden, raptors, redios, reel big fish, reno 911, rit, robot chicken, roger rabbit, saiyans, seifer, selfer, selphie, shuichi, sims 3, smash brothers, snk, snoogans, solitary, south park, space, spooky things, squall, star trek, star wars, stealing icons, street fighter, stupid jokes, sugar, swamp planet, tank girl, tatoomcity, taurus, tenth doctor, underwear, uub, vanilla coke, vegeta, velociraptors, venture brothers, video games, void city, wolverine, wristbands, x-files, x-men, x-men evolution, yaoi, yuki eiri, yuri, zodiac, zoolander,