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It's been so long since I used you, dear Livejournal. but i will never deletes you.
I have moved on to other social media sites and junk!
Here's where you can find me! :0

Please help me out! ♥

Hey guys! I've got three art pieces up for voting for the Phoenix Comicon Badge Competition!
You can vote for all 3 of them! I really, really appreciate any votes at all! :D
Simply hit the "Like" buttons for each! (and make sure you're logged into Facebook!)

Star Trek - http://phoenixcomicon.com/badge_art/voting_detail/48
Catwoman - http://phoenixcomicon.com/badge_art/voting_detail/47
Ahsoka Tano - http://phoenixcomicon.com/badge_art/voting_detail/68

Please share the link with your friends! The more word gets out, the better my chances! And keep your fingers crossed for me!



read my thangs

hay guys. don't forget to read Mystery Babylon every Monday & Friday.
like Hayden Christensen does.


the emo-angsty one, or the angsty-emo one?!
not to mention Merrill is sort of adorable too.

as you can see. i've been keeping pretty busy the past couple of days.
as are a lot of you, i'm sure. *high-fives all around*
*no spoilers pls* :0

you're jamocha'n me crazy.

sorry it's been so long since my last update! i'm sorryyyyyyyyyy!
i usually love to post drawings or doodles i've been doing,
but lately all of my drawing efforts have been for Mystery Babylon.
which is what i probably should be working on i guess...
okay. so i take it back. i'm not completely sorry.
yay for productivity! \o/

anyways, here's a panel i just finished last night.
it's perfect because it's unspoilerific
and its Kick Girl making a cranky face.

i hope you guys have been enjoying the comic at least!
i love you like rainbow sprinkles on chocolate ice cream at an amusement park.
(that's pretty much my love-power at 100%)

here comes a new challenger

sorry i haven't been around or posting much!
i've been busy with work and trying to get ahead on comic pages before x-mas times.
here's an early concept doodle that's been sitting around on my computer.
it's KG and a brand new character for Mystery Babylon.
he won't make his first appearance in the comic for another month or so...
but i wanted to give you a sneak peek!


so, i was checking my DeviantArt account today,
and i noticed that i suddenly had a paid account!
and then i noticed that my lovely eirok had given me one!
i have no idea how long this has gone unnoticed for... hopefully not long!
so of course i dropped everything i was doing and immediately had to draw giftarts ;__;
(this was waaaay long-overdue anyways!)
so here is his new character Varg.
he is so super-manly, but with such lovely hair~
(which is the best type of character ever, in my opinion.)
thank you so much, my darling! hohoho!

what what in the butt

this is me falsely getting your hopes up.
this is a reject-drawing from a page i was inking today.
i ended up redrawing this 500 times because i just wasn't happy with it.
i'm still not crazy about the final version, but i just gotta move on now. :c
but i felt like it was a waste not to share my first reject-version with you!


the time has come at last! the first few pages to the new Kick Girl comic, Mystery Babylon, are now online.
i've got a few pages up now, and i'll be uploading a new page every Monday.
so please, check it out! you can start reading from here:
i hope you like it!
(and i'm sorry to spam up the internet with my pimping)


new Kick Girl comic "Mystery Babylon" is starting up on Monday.
it's about time, huh? well, i'm pretty excited!


soon, my pretties. soon.

Grand Admiral

i am all about SW baddies lately.
here's another one of my favorites, Grand Admiral Thrawn.
he's the closest thing to a Star Wars Bond-villain,
carrying around his lil Ysalamir-lizard thing on his shoulders,
or when he's sitting in his mega-chair he's petting it on his lap.
he's clearly awesome.

Art Dump

here's some stuff that i've been meaning to upload.
hope you like 'm. hohohohohoho
some doodlinks 'nd stupid stuff 'nd shizCollapse )

Art Blitz

some of my friends started this drawing thing.
i'm still not entirely clear what Art Blitz week is,
but i took it to mean "draw and upload cruds."
so here's some arts.